Privacy policy

Article 1. Basic Policy
Takara Leben Infrastructure Fund (TIF) is committed to the appropriate processing and management of personal information with respect to relevant legislatures, regulation, and internal code of conduct of protection of personal information.

Article 2.Purpose

1.Purpose of Use of Personal Information
TIF primary collects personal information of unitholders, involving parties of asset management and its operations. The purposes of use of personal information are described as below:
(1) to exercise unitholders rights and satisfy the obligation of TIF
(2) to provide information to the unitholders;
(3) to prepare various data and manage information related to the unitholders under the Investment Trust Act and other relevant laws and regulations.
(4) to prepare data for a unitholders' register and management of information of the unitholders
(5) to notify investment unit issued by TIF and marketing purposes.
(6) to issue new investment unit and other IR related procedures
(7) to Research and analyze the management of the asset.
(8) to conduct operation related to the acquisition of properties.
(9) to perform the operation related to the sale of properties.
(10)to conduct any services that are deemed necessary in relation to or in connection with the purpose of use described in (1) to (9) above
(11) to provide personal information to a third party for purpose of use described in (1) to (10) within a reasonable limit and appropriate cares.

2.Notification and Publication of Purpose of Use of Personal Information
Unless the purpose of use of personal information is widely announced in advance, TIF shall notify changed purpose to the owner through posting on the TIF’s website, in writing, mail, or email.

Article 3.Collections
TIF follows appropriate methods to collect personal information. Under no circumstance, TIF obtains personal information through illegitimate channels and methods. TIF explains the purpose of use of personal information to the owner who directly provided such data to us through in written or digital method. However, TIF may not explain the purpose of use of personal information to its owner when purpose of collection is obvious or it is permitted and stated by relevant legislature

Article 4.Provision to Third Parties
Unless stated in below, TIF does not disclose to and/or share personal information with third parties
(i)Authorized by relevant individuals
(ii)Personal data is converted into the way unable to identify the person.
(iii)Authorized by the legislatures
(iv)For protection of life, body, and finances and it is difficult to obtain the consent of relevant individuals
(v)For public health and protection of youth and it is difficult to obtain the consent by relevant individuals
(vi)Cases when TIF is required to corporate with authorities and obtaining the consent by relevant individuals may disturb the execution of the affairs concerned.
(vii)Other legislatures that allow disclosing personal information.

Article 5.Security Measure
TIF takes all necessary and appropriate measure to protect and secure personal information from unauthorized access from an external network, manipulation and other illegitimate measures.

Article 6.Outsourcing and Supervision of Contractors
TIF may outsource the handling of personal information. TIF shall outsource the party that ensures necessary and appropriate measure to protect personal information and takes supervise role of outsourcing party.

Article 7.Continual Improvement and Amendment
TIF continuously review and amend the procedures and code of conduct of handling personal information.

Article 8.Inquiries
Relevant individuals have right to request TIF to disclose, correct, delete, terminate of use of their personal information TIF owns and collected. TIF shall respond such requests pursuant to laws and regulations, etc. once identify is confirmed. For the inquiries and request, please contact the following party.

■Asset Manager
Address:Otemachi Nomura Bldg. 16F
2-1-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 100-0004, JAPAN

Name:Takara Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Business Hour:9 AM to 5:30PM (local time in Tokyo) (except Saturday, Sunday Holiday and New Year’s Holiday)

Inquires regarding investors' registry and administrative affairs are advised to contact Stock ■Transfer Agency
Address:2-8-4, Izumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan 168-8507
Name:Stock Transfer Agency Department of Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
Business Hour:9 AM to 5PM (local time in Tokyo) (except Saturday, Sunday Holiday and New Year’s Holiday)

Established on May 30, 2017