■Actual Dividends
■Forecast Dividends
The forecast dividends above has been calculated under certain conditions. Actual dividends may vary due to an acquisition and/or sale renewable energy facilities, changes in infrastructure market, interest rate, amount of newly issued investment units and other factors.

■Above forecast dividends does not guarantee actual dividends.
Surplus Earnings Distribution (Return of Capital) and Acquisition of Treasury Investment Units TIF's primary investment target, solar energy facilities, tends to record higher ratio of deputation compared to ordinal J-REIT while Capex and repair/maintenance costs for solar energy facility tend to be lower Therefore as a general policy, TIF distributes Surplus Earnings Distribution (SED, aka Return of capital) within the limits and relevant legislatures to the extent that it does not negatively impact TIF's financial status and long-term repair and Capex expenses as well as various factors.